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Backstop Client Experience Training

Please Register for a Backstop Client Experience 1x1 Training Below

We are excited you are interested in a Backstop Client Experience Team 1x1 Training Session. We offer three types of individual/group web based trainings, please take a few moments to fill out the registration form and a representative will be in contact shortly to schedule your session. 

Backstop Basics Trainings Are you new to Backstop? Are you looking for a refresher on the basics? Do you have a colleague who will be joining your team and will need to get trained on Backstop? Backstop Education provides a 1 hour web based training session to all new users at no additional cost! You will just need to have valid login credentials and fill out the brief form below, and an Education Team member will be in touch to schedule the training.

Knowledge Pass Sessions are designed to provide intermediate/advanced training on core features in Backstop, and can be scheduled every day Monday through Friday. Each online 60-minute session, hosted by a Backstop expert, will provide an in-depth overview of one of the following features/functions: Custom Layouts and Uploads, Report Builder, Opportunities and Pipeline Tracking, Activity Management (including the Backstop Outlook Add-in), the Email Center, building a Custom User Manual, the Excel Toolkit, and more. Training on other topics is available; please indicate your interest on the registration form, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Custom User Manual Training: Backstop is a robust system, capable of storing and processing a lot of information. To keep this information manageable and entered consistently, we suggest compiling a Custom Backstop User Manual, unique to your team's data, preferences, and processes. Make this process easy by using the tools and documentation provided to you on the Support Site. 

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